Some of the immediate objectives of FCBS envisaged earlier are listed below.

  1.  To recognize, promote and foster excellence in science education and research and improve the overall quality of science education.
    • For operational convenience, attention will be focused on Kerala to start with.
    • On an experimental basis about five good colleges will be identified for greater interaction with the science faculty and students.
    • Few good schools will be identified to focus attention on 11th and 12th grade students to expose and motivate them to the challenges in science.
    • Special lectures and training programmes will be given to these people by experts.
  2. To institute and award fellowships to talented students and teachers.
    • Talented students will be identified and offered fellowships to complete their studies in IITs and other leading institutions. Efforts will be made to get some industrial support for this programme.
    • Talented and motivated teachers can be provided financial support to spend some time in IITs and other good institutions to update their skills and to support their research interests.
  3. To provide summer training opportunities to motivated students.
    • About 20 students per year will be selected on basis of their academic performance and potential and provided stipends to spend about two months in good institutions to initiate them to research.
    • This programme will be coordinated and monitored by a trained person.
  4. To organize lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops and similar other programmes to research in all branches of science.
    • To arrange an annual get together of a group of students with some of the leading scientists from India or abroad for about a week to have greater interaction and thereby motivating the students. The Landau conferences in Germany can be a model for such meetings.
    • Institute a Trivandrum science lecture every year for the students and general public for promoting the cause of science. It is proposed to have the first lecture in this series by around October 2001.
    • Workshops on curricular development and special themes to focus attention on important scientific issues.
  5. To publish newsletters and reports on topical themes to highlight research and teaching activities and developments taking place elsewhere in science.
    • Reports on topical themes by invited specialists.
    • Reports on workshops and conferences.
  6. To create links between industries and academic institutions in India and abroad and to offer specific skill and knowledge related training to graduates seeking employment as per industry requirements.
    • Information on industries needing science graduates will be maintained and students will be given help for proper placement.
    • People from industries will be invited for special interaction with the prospective students.
  7. Establishment of a Science Centre in Trivandrum. This centre will coordinate all the activities of FCBS including career counselling.