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The Foundation for Capacity Building in Science (FCBS) is an autonomous, non-profit organization, devoted to strengthen and further the cause of science education and research in India and create career opportunities globally.

A fundamental challenge facing India and other developing countries at present is to develop trained and skilled manpower in adequate numbers to meet the developmental needs. This need has been sufficiently realized by the government of India and several new initiatives have been taken during the past few years. The establishment of the Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research, bear testimony to this fact. Although IITs, IISERs and similar institutes have greatly contributed to the training of a few selected students, a very large number of capable students are left outside these streams. In addition, the recent emphasis on Information Technology and allied areas has drawn a large number of bright students away from science education. Judging from the fast changing development in biology, chemical and physical sciences and allied disciplines, it is vitally important for countries like India to recognise these trends and to have adequate inputs for manpower training in these areas